Friday, July 26, 2013

Why French Women Don't Get Fat

Excerpt from article by Sonja Rose on

Have you ever wondered why French women seem to eat well, enjoy food and wine, and yet the country has about one-third the obesity rates of countries like the US and Australia? Well, Mireille Guiliano wrote a book called 'French Women Don't Get Fat' a while ago. Based on this book, Sonja Rose documented a clear summary of the top 10 tips discussed in the book. I thought these would be very helpful.
  1. Eat only good-quality food. (You can't pronounce half of the contents? There's a hint)
  2. Savor every bite.
  3. Eat with all five senses. This will enable you to eat less, because you are paying attention to what you are tasting. (In other words, make love to your food)
  4. No more guilty eating.  This practice has ruined food for American women.
  5. Don’t eat until you are full. (Eat until you are satisfied. I know this one is just a tad difficult)
  6. Just a few bites of a dish are all you really need to enjoy it.  The pleasure of most foods is in the firsts few bites. 
  7. Learn portion control. Cut back on everything - your body will appreciate it.
  8. Walk everywhere.  French women don’t go to the gym, but they walk everywhere they possibly can. (Also not part of the American or Nigerian cultures. But it would serve us well to employ it)
  9. Make eating time a special time.  Eat slowly and chew your food.
  10. It’s okay to have chocolate, cheese, wine and champagne every day if you want. Watch portions, savor every bite - and no guilt allowed!
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