We bring you the Instagram #MarchIntoAbs yoga challenge! This challenge runs from March 1 - 10, 2016.


But wait, while participating will teach you about your body, it doesn't end there. Some very generous American and Nigerian businesses will be giving away some amazing prizes to selected winners at the end of the challenge! These prizes range from apparel to healthy eating so you do not want to miss out.


To participate and be eligible for our giveaways, all challenge participants must:
  1. Follow all hosts and sponsors (noted above) 
  2. Post your version of the daily pose each day using hashtag #MarchIntoAbs. Don't worry if you post late. We understand life gets in the way :)
  3. Tag hosts and sponsors when you post so we can see all of your posts
  4. Have fun!

We are very excited to also be able to use this opportunity to support Nigerian businesses so please invite your friends to join in this challenge!
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