Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My First Tough Mudder Experience

Last Saturday, I participated in the Tough Mudder with a group of 7 other colleagues. Yes, I have enough crazy people in my life who would willingly do this stuff with me. If you don't know what the Tough Mudder is, it is an obstacle race in a mud run designed by the British Special Forces that goes on for 10 to 12 miles. Think military-style obstacles with lots of mud, climbing ropes and walls, crawling through things, diving, electroshock therapy, etc. In fact, I can't really explain the Tough Mudder. Check out details here and see the video below.

Got it? Okay. That's what we did last Saturday. FYI, it was tough.

I learned so many things from preparing for, and participating in, the Tough Mudder. If you are thinking of doing it, go for it. Here are a few highlights and advice:
  • If you cannot swim, always ask how deep the water is for each obstacle. I can't swim, and there was one obstacle where there were floats lined up on a lake, and we were to jump from one to the other to cross the lake. I fell in the water, and then realized how deep it was. Long story short, my friend had to carry me across that lake. You can skip obstacles, so always ask before you start!
  • Do not eat anything new the day before or the morning of the Tough Mudder. Thankfully, I had had this experience before so I knew not to eat anything new. However, I usually don't eat during races (I might do an energy gel, but no food), but I had a banana during the event, and my stomach cramped for about 15 minutes as I ran. 
  • Your fellow Mudders are the only way you get through the whole course. The Tough Mudder is all about camaraderie, and there are some obstacles you most likely cannot do alone. That is the beauty of it, but that also means you should probably enroll with a team. If you absolutely cannot, don't worry, other Mudders are there to help.
  • Training for the event is crucial. I will admit that I did not specifically train for the Tough Mudder. 2 months ago, I had the arm challenge on here to help build my upper body strength, and I run regularly to train for other races, but I did not specifically train for this course. It didn't necessarily slow me down, but if you aren't regularly running, exercising, or doing challenges, you absolutely need training for this. Do not underestimate it.
  • Be ready to get muddy! If you're skeeved out by dirt, prepare yourself to leave that all behind. I looked like a chocolate bar at the end of this race.
  • You will push yourself beyond what you think you're capable of. I don't need to say any more.
  • You will hurt for a few days after. And find random bruises.
  • You will never know the true joy of a shower until a take one right after the Tough Mudder. Cleanliness is next to godliness? Yea, now I know why they say that.
But most importantly, you would want to come back and do it another time. It was a really great experience with my team, and I am hoping we go for it again next year. Here is a picture of me coming out of the ice bath. I had no idea what was about to hit me when I got in.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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  1. i seriously need mi some working out am practically turning to a sack of rice.


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