Saturday, January 19, 2013

Inner Thigh Workout

I shared this inner thigh exercise on Instagram, and wanted to share it with you as well. Whether you are trying to simply strengthen your legs all over, improve your balance, get a better looking butt, or crack a coconut with those babies, your inner thighs are a very important part of your lower body, but they are often overlooked.

For this exercise, follow these steps:
  • Lie on your right side
  • Hold your core tight
  • Make sure you are not leaning backwards, but lying completely on your side
  • Bend your lower knee (your right) 90 degrees
  • Lift that right leg off the floor using your core. Do not lift your knee.
The strength of your inner thigh, your butt, and your core should be what is lifting your leg. Make sure your other leg is not lifting off the floor, and your body is not leaning backwards. Do about 4 sets of 15 reps.

When you begin, you may not be able to lift your leg that high, but the more you do it, the higher you can lift.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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