Sunday, January 6, 2013

Discount Active Wear? Sign Me Up!

If you're like most people, the $88 tag on that pair of Nike tights is enough to scare you out of the gym for life. And what makes it worse is that it is important to look good as you work out so buying the perfect gear is essential. And of course, we all want clothes that are good quality, especially if we'll be sweating out in them all the time. So let's peruse the shopping aisles and see if we can find something priced on the low, shall we? I just thought I'd share some good places to get great affordable gear from my experience.

TJ Maxx/TK Maxx/Marshalls/Century 21 and similar overstock stores: I am a Maxxinista. There, I said it. Where else can you get awesome workout gear on the cheap simply because Puma decided it is time for a new season of outfits? I love that these department stores sell overstocked quality goods for discounted prices. If you are looking for shorts or t-shirts, you can get some for anywhere from $5, and jackets probably more from around $15. If you compare that to the actual sports stores, you'd see that that's amazing. And they have all ranges of sizes too. For the shoes, if you are lucky enough to have small feet, they work for you as well.

Old Navy/Primark and other similar discount clothing stores: I've heard all sorts of opinions about these discount clothing stores. However, I have bought active wear from Old Navy that have worked and have lasted, so from my perspective, they are fine. One thing I can say they do well is their fleece for winter workouts. Nice and thick. And of course, cheap. $7 for a t-shirt? $12 for yoga pants? You should certainly give them a shot.

Old Navy Control Max Capris $15

Target/WalMart and similar department stores: Target is another store I would vouch for because I'm not quite sure how they manage to balance great quality and low prices, but they do. I know it's customary not to trust department stores like WalMart because they literally sell EVERYTHING. But WalMart and Target carry well-known active wear brands like Hanes, Champion, and Danskin for sports bras and other active clothing. And having used these brands, I would say they are pretty good.

Target Champion Tech Muscle Tee for $10.99

Zappos: Okay, so Zappos is not quite what you would consider cheap, but for the free shipping, free returns, amazing size range, and the wide variety of sneakers they have on their site, I thought I'd throw it in here. Besides, when it comes to sports shoes, it is pretty difficult to find good quality ones for discounted prices.

Amazon: Amazon is another store I am quite addicted to because you can buy new, used, new styles, old styles, all sizes, from various countries, etc. If you cannot find something within your price range in a store near you, go check on Amazon. Someone could decide that they bought some shoes, hate it, and want to sell it for half the price. And what makes it even better is the free shipping option (for items fulfilled by Amazon), and the fact that you can use points from some credit card companies on the site.

Amazon ASICS Women's GEL-Lethal MP4 Field Shoe for $19.73

Thrift stores: If you don't mind wearing something someone else may have already worn, and don't mind going through rack after rack while you shop, thrift stores are another good way to go. Shoes may be harder to find, but t-shirts, shorts, pants, and tights would be easier to find. Plus, you get good deals as well because they are usually one-of-a-kind. Men find it harder to shop at thrift stores though. I guess sifting through each rack does not work well for them.

I hope that helped! I know a few folks are refreshing your workout closets as you start the new year. Good luck :)

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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