Friday, January 11, 2013

Interview with Cool Kay: Music is All I Do

An artist who is passionate about music and passionate about his body? Sign me up! I got a chance to talk to a budding recording artist, Cool Kay, about his music, and of course, his fitness regimen. The "Wind of Change" and "Molenu" rapper gave me some deets about what is currently happening with his music.

Eights & Weights: So tell us a little about Cool Kay? How did you get into music?
Cool Kay: Well, my name is Kayode Adekoya, and I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I fell in love with music at a really young age. And no matter what I did, it continued to grow with time. After a while, I guess others noticed my affinity for music and started coming up to me to write songs for them. The more I got involved, the more it struck me that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

Eights & Weights: We've heard good and bad things about the Nigerian music industry. How difficult has it been getting into it? What kind of music out right now has served to inspire you?
Cool Kay: There is a good and bad side to every music industry. But if you work extremely hard, put in all the energy and consistency you’ve got, you will find a way to succeed. I fight for my music because it is my passion. So many artists in Nigeria have inspired me, and I don’t think I’ll be able to list them all out here. But there are so many rap and R&B artists both in Nigeria and around the world that have inspired me.

Eights & Weights: Obviously, after looking at a few pictures of you working out, I would say you spend some time on your muscles. At Eights & Weights, we are fiercely trying to promote health and fitness awareness, especially in Africa. What do you do on a daily basis to stay healthy? Is that something that is important to you?
Cool Kay: Fitness is necessary, period. I would advise everyone to get involved in some sort of physical activity. Trust me, your body will thank you later. I’m basically either making music or working out. When am not writing or recording, I make sure I hit the gym 3-4 times a week. I always have a planned out gym routine for the week to work on my muscles. Do you want to hear it?

Eights & Weights: Of course! That’s what we are here for!
Cool Kay: Okay, so I have a 4 times/week plan. On day 1, I focus on my chest and biceps, followed by 30 minutes of high-intensity cardio. On day 2, I focus on legs, triceps, and abs, followed by 30 minutes of high-intensity cardio. On day 3, I focus on my shoulders and back, followed by 30 minutes of high-intensity cardio. On day 4, I focus on chest, biceps, and abs.
Eights & Weights: That’s a lot of high-intensity cardio. I like it, especially since men sometimes think they don’t need to be doing cardio.

Eights & Weights: Have you found it difficult to stay physically active and eat healthy in Nigeria?
Cool Kay: Personally, I would say it’s not that difficult to stay healthy in Nigeria. A lot of the food is natural and fresh, and moderation really is key. I think that is where people struggle the most.

Eights & Weights: Alright on to you and what you have in the works. What music do you have out right now?
Cool Kay: A song called "MOLENU" which is already getting good response from the listeners.

Eights & Weights: Nice, so will we be seeing performances of Molenu soon? What can we expect from you in the near future?
Cool Kay: You’ll definitely be seeing some performances soon. I just released the new single and we have just started working on the online promo. After that, you will hear some airplay and then you’ll start to see more performances. Stay in touch with me online to find out what I have going on.

Eights & Weights: Great. Where can readers find out more about Cool Kay and your performances?
Cool Kay: You can find or hit me up on the following:
Twitter: @Coolkaymuzik
Reverbnation: Coolkaymuzik
Facebook: Coolkaymuzik

Eights & Weights: What would readers be surprised to know about you?
Cool Kay: I don't think I have done anything very crazy except for the fact that I could be in the studio for a whole week without coming out just doing what I love doing best: music.

Listen to Molenu below

Cheers Eights & Weights!


  1. Molenu is da real dope!!!!!!nice one cool -K( graceyy)

  2. Molenu is on repeat, I call it my over dope track love u cool kay

  3. Mole nu gan yea my mouths like a semigun, the ladies wanna raid me cos am know like malaria cos even on air am a pest to the radio. Love this tune big upp cool kay keep it up

  4. There is something about your voice that keep me listen'n love the track cool kay mr molenu


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