Sunday, January 13, 2013

No Pressure Workouts

Every now and then, we need to take a day to let our bodies do their own workouts. What do I mean? I always say the best way to reach your weight loss or muscle building target is to have long term and short term goals. Which also means having a plan for the gym every day. But it is also important to set your goals aside once in a while and just let your body drive its own goals for the day.

Okay, so it sounds like I'm talking a lot of jibberish now. I'll give you an example. Yesterday, I woke up thinking I was going to go to a Total Body Conditioning class at my gym, do a few minutes of yoga, and then hold a training session with one of my friends (who by the way, was my first client for 2013. Yay!). 

But instead I decided that I was going to let my body decide what it wanted, and of course, I was leaning towards a run. So instead of taking out my Nike+iPod like I normally would, setting up my fast-paced music, and setting up the number of miles I'm 'supposed' to complete, I took a different approach. I simply took my iPod, my shoes, and headed out the door.

My iPod basically played slow music throughout my workout, I did not have Lance Armstrong's voice telling me that I have completed 1 mile or whatever, and I did not plan my route. I just ran. And ran. And ran. The entire run, I wasn't competing with myself or anyone else. I tuned out completely and just focused on my body and getting my stride right. I felt my calves much more because my form was perfect.

By the time I got to my friend's for our session, I had run more than 8 miles. I felt amazing, and I was zen. Ready to do some core and butt workouts.

I wrote all that to say that sometimes, it is important to take the pressure off, give ourselves a day to not think and just do. Those may turn out to be the most amazing workout days ever.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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