Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why You Should be Lifting

Strength training gets a bad rap among females sometimes. The assumption is that if you lift weights, you become too bulky. This is not necessarily true. Strength training has a lot of benefits, from calorie burn to protecting your bones. So here are just a couple of reasons why you should be paying attention.
  1. Increase calorie burn: Lifting weights keeps the metabolism going throughout the day. And a higher metabolism means you burn more calories just doing everyday things. 
  2. Build muscles: Men build muscle mass easier than women because they have more testosterone. If you lift weights and do cardio, as a woman, you don't automatically look bulky. Rather, it gives your body a more definitive shape, which in my opinion is sexier :)
  3. Improve strength and balance: The more you work your muscles, the stronger you get. As you grow older, this begins to matter more because your body starts to get weaker doing the same activities. For example, picking a pen off the floor can cause you to throw your back out. But if you have built stronger legs and a stronger core, they help to support your back and there is a lower probability you'd hurt yourself.
  4. Protect bones: Again, as you grow older, your bones can start to become more brittle. Strength training has been shown to reduce this risk, and strengthen the muscles to protect the bones.
So... Do you even lift???

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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