Sunday, September 29, 2013

Preparing for the Run for a Cure Africa Lagos: How do you Track your Progress?

Because we live in the age of technology (Thank God!), we can incorporate technology in our race training as well. I find that I really like to be able to track my time with each run and upload my results to my computer so I can compare runs and see how well I am doing. This is especially helpful when training for races.

There are now so many tools you can use to track your run statistics, but I will highlight 3 to give you a clear view of what your options are in terms of functionality.
  1. MapMyRUN: MapMyRUN is just one example of a GPS app that you can get on your smartphone. Well, smartphones except the Blackberry (Sorry, BB users!). It works based on Google Maps to help you track your run distance, route, and time. You can search for running routes in your area by distance, and you can create your own route and share with others. And because Google Maps is now available in Lagos (yay!), this works great. You can upload your runs after you are done to compare and see your progress.
  2. Nike+ iPod: The Nike+ iPod app tracks your run in pretty much the same way as MapMyRUN. This is one of my favorites because you don't need Google Maps, and you don't need the internet. However, you do need an iPod and the Nike+ wireless sensor that you can purchase from Nike, Apple, Amazon, or many sports stores for $19.99. You would also need to download the Nike+ app on your iPod device. It comes standard with the iPod touch. Shoes with the Nike+ logo have a compartment inside the left shoe to insert the wireless device, but you can also use it in any shoe. Read my full review of the Nike+ iPod app here.
  3. Polar F4 HRM: This and many other HRMs help you track how many calories you are burning, but the great thing about this particular device and many others I have tried is that it helps to track your time as well. It may not track your distance like the devices above, but if you already have a route that you know, distance may not be as important to you.
There are many other tools to use to track your runs, but these are a few of the basic ones that highlight the differences: MapMyRUN uses Google Maps, Nike+ iPod uses a wireless sensor, and HRMs just track your time and calories.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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