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Best Warm-Up Exercises for Running

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Stretch after a workout, and warm out before. That's my policy. Whether you're heading out for a long-distance run or just a jog around the park, here are the four warm-up moves you don't want to miss...

Heel Flick

Start by jogging forwards slowly, then gradually bring your heels up towards your bum (you can do it on the spot if you prefer).

Focus on keeping your torso upright, and try to land lightly, making as little noise as possible as your feet touch the floor. Repeat for 60 seconds.

Swinging Side Stride
Moving clockwise, step out to the side with your left leg, bring your right foot to meet your left and, as you do so, almost immediately step out again with your left.

As you pick up the pace, begin to swing your arms from side to side across your body. After 30 seconds, stop and repeat, moving anti-clockwise.

Toe Walk
Start walking forwards as normal but, as you hit the ground with the ball of each foot, rise up on to your toes for a second, then place the rest of your foot back on the floor before you lift it up and move forwards.

Repeat for 60 seconds. You should feel your calves and ankles getting gradually looser as you progress.

High Knee
Start by jogging gently on the spot, then gradually raise each knee higher and higher with each step. You'll need to lean your torso slightly forwards rather than backwards to maintain balance.

As each knee gets higher, pump your alternate hand higher too. Continue for 60 seconds.

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