Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fit Chat with Ronnie Carter: "I Make Fitness a Priority"

Some of you know that I appreciate people who work hard at the gym. Mostly because I know it is not easy, but also because it requires a sense of dedication and commitment that not everyone has.  And who doesn’t like the view that comes from all that hard work, huh? So when I find someone with a *ahem* beautiful view that you obviously know required a whole lot of dedication, I love to chat with them and get their perspective.

Today, I’m chatting with a well-cut gentleman from Germany – Ronald Carter (a.k.a. Ronnie) – whom I met on Instagram, about his fitness regimen and how he stays focused. Ladies, stop drooling…

Eights & Weights: Can you tell the readers a little about you?
Ronnie: My name is Ronald Carter Kazibwe Joshua. I work for a Marketing company in Germany, and spend a lot of time in the gym obviously.

Eights & Weights: At Eights & Weights, we constantly get questions about how to find time to exercise. What works for you?
Ronnie: Frankly, I have 24 hours just like everybody else, so I just sacrifice a few more hours of sleep than others do. I wake up really early every morning (at about 4:30am), and make sure I am on a treadmill at 5am. I prefer to work out early in the morning because I work hard during the day.

Eights & Weights: How often do you hit the gym?
Ronnie: I work out 5 times a week for about an hour and a half each time.

Eights & Weights: I'm sure all the guys looking at your pictures here are curious to know how you got there. What does your exercise routine look like?
Ronnie: I don’t have a specific training routine. Basically, I change my workout routine every 5 weeks because I need to shock my body to new limits to see changes. This way, the gym doesn’t get boring; rather, it gets more fun as I try out new plans constantly. My plan this month looks like this:

Monday – Shoulders/Triceps
    DB Shoulder Press: 1-3 x 6-12
    Smith Machine Shoulder Press: 1-3 x 6-12
    DB Lateral Raise (seated): 1-3 x 8-15
    DB Shrug: 1-3 x 8-15
    Dips 1-3 x 6-12
    Close Grip Bench: 1-3 x 6-12
   Close Grip Overhead Press (Made this up. Tricep tendons don’t like isolation): 1-3 x 6-12

Tuesday – Back/Rear Delt
    Chin-Up (close, neutral grip): 1-3 x 6-12
    Lat Pulldown (supinated grip): 1-3 x 6-12
    Barbell Row (pronated grip): 1-3 x 6-12
    Seated Row (neutral grip): 1-3 x 6-12
    Rear Cable Fly (for rear delts): 1-3 x 8-15
    Deadlift: 1-3 x 6-12

Wednesday – Off or Calves/Abs
    Standing Calf Raise: 1-3 x 8-15
    Calf Press (on 180 deg leg press): 1-3 x 8-15
    Hanging Leg Raise: 2 x 10-15
    Weighted Sit-Up (decline bench): 2 x 10-15

Thursday – Chest/Biceps
    Bench Press: 1-3 x 6-12
    DB Low Incline Press: 1-3 x 6-12
    Barbell Incline Press: 1-3 x 6-12
    Cable Fly: 1-3 x 8-15
    Barbell Curl: 1-3 x 6-12
    DB Incline Curl: 1-3 x 6-12
    Reverse Cable Curl: 1-3 x 6-12

Friday – Quads/Hams
    Squat: 1-3 x 8-15
    Leg Press (45 deg): 1-3 x 8-15
    Lunge (stationary, alternating): 1-3 x 8-15
    Straight Leg Deadlift: 1-3 x 6-12
    Seated Leg Curl: 1-3 x 6-12

Eights & Weights: Those of us that work out know that exercise is only half the battle. Nutrition is pretty important. How do you manage what you eat?
Ronnie: Well, here is the hard truth: if you can’t watch what you eat, you absolutely cannot achieve your 100%. Your diet is so important. The only way I can fully explain it is to say it is the oil in the car engine. If you get it wrong, you get everything wrong.

I try to eat very basic meals. My food contains a lot of lean meats, vegetables, grains, and eggs. I often try to not eat much processed foods, which of course is very difficult in our times. I try my best to get my food before it gets processed; for example, I get my meat directly from the butcher, and canned food is kept to a minimum.

Eights & Weights: Do you have any specific fitness goals?
Ronnie: Just like everybody in the gym, I have goals. My weight goal for my 5ft 9in height is 95kg (I currently weigh 85kg). I would like to reduce my body fat percentage, and I am on track at the moment.

Eights & Weights: Have you always been super fit? How has exercise changed your life?
Ronnie: I was a pretty skinny unfit guy (63kg). I had to build up the discipline to get to where I am and I am still building it every day till I get where I want to go. And then it'd be maintenance.

Eights & Weights: What is your favorite exercise?
Ronnie: I love the bench press (Of course he does). It brings out the man in anyone. That feeling of your entire upper body fighting with the weight is priceless. I would bench press daily if I could. (Psshh… All that moaning and groaning doesn’t hurt us either)

Eights & Weights: If you could give one piece of advice to someone who just started working out, what would it be?
Ronnie: Well, I would tell them exactly what I was told: “Never give up. Anything is possible."

Eights & Weights: Tell our readers something they would be surprised to know about you.
Ronnie: Ummmm… Okay…  So I play the piano in an orchestra. Is that surprising?

There you go! Hope you enjoyed that very realistic chat with someone who is in the gym working out as hard as you are. More to come!

Cheers Eights & Weights!


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