Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Couple Fitness Tips

It is Love day. And while we celebrate our significant others, family, and friends, let's also take some time out to celebrate our bodies. We only each have one body, and yet, sometimes we forget and use and abuse them. Today, take a moment to treat your body right by eating right and exercising. 

Of course, Valentine's day gives us a great excuse to have a steamy workout session with our partners. So here are a few tips:

Do a partner routine: Tribesports has a great one up here (see below too). So if you're looking for ideas to partner up, try that with your partner.

Go for a run, walk, or bike: A cardio session at a pace that allows you to talk gets you to also spend some time with your partner. Go for a run together, take a walk together, or bike it out before you have dinner or get some sexy time in.

Use your partner as resistance in strength training: Men, do pushups with your lady on your back. Ladies, do squats with your man holding your upper body upright. Whatever you do, do strength training that allows the other person to act as extra weight or extra resistance in your workout.

Go for a class together: Nothing is more fun than burning some calories with your partner in a dance class. And of course, watching your partner gyrate is never a bad thing :) (Well, unless he/she is a horrible dancer; then, maybe try a class that doesn't involve dancing).

Cook with your partner: In an effort to stay within your caloric range, and still enjoy a tasty meal, plan to stay in and cook with your partner. It is romantic, sexy, and you get to spend some time together. Maybe you can make one of our recipes :)

Get a couple's massage: Your muscles need some tension release, and what better way to get it than with your partner on Valentine's day? Better yet, give your partner a massage to appreciate him/her and let him/her know that you see they work hard and work out hard.

Have some sexy time: You knew I was going to say this, no? Because you're constantly moving during sex, you can burn a few calories. It's generally not a lot (about 150/hr), but that all depends on how much physical effort you put in.

Happy Valentine's Day! Take this time to appreciate your loved ones. But remember, though Valentine's Day is once a year, you should be showing your partner, friends, and family that you love them every day.

PS. Gyms across the country are offering free workouts and classes today for couples so check your local fitness center.

Cheers Eights & Weights! 

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