Sunday, April 29, 2012

Plank Obliques

As summer draws near, we start talking more and more about exercises for your abs. The plank oblique is a great way to work your core strength, and get that muscle tone at the sides of your waistline.
  • You start on your elbows like you would do a regular elbow plank. You can also do this on your palms like the model in the picture above.
  • Next, pull your left knee towards your left shoulder like you do with mountain climbers. However, remember to stay on your elbows and not lift your butt above a straight line. 
  • Take your left knee back to its starting position, and repeat the movement with your right knee. 
  • To make it more difficult and work your core more, take your alternating knee towards the opposite shoulder. That is, right knee towards left shoulder, and left knee towards right shoulder.

Easy peasy! Well, not so much. You should definitely be feeling this in your waist region. Here is a video I found on that shows the plank oblique movement perfectly. Try it at home today as you watch your prime-time TV shows.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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