Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Venus Sensitive Embrace Razor Review

Part of a healthy body is healthy skin, and part of healthy skin for a woman depends on the razor she uses. I like to take time off sometimes to review a product that I've tried :)

Many women believe their sensitive skin gets in the way of a close, smooth shave; but the symptoms women are experiencing may just be from using the wrong or a dull razor. Now, Gillette Venus is introducing the Venus Embrace Sensitive razor with increased glide enhancers and a touch of Aloe, to provide a closer shave with less irritation. I got to be one of the people to try this product before it hits the shelves!

I do have sensitive skin and I get bumps when I use razors that are not that sharp. I have been using the Schick Quattro razors for a while, and they have been doing a good job so I didn't think about switching. When I got the Venus Embrace Sensitive in the post, I wanted to try it out though I didn't think it would be that different.

The package: So the product comes with 4 items - one stem, two blades, and one shower pod. So you get an extra blade for your money.

The shave: The Venus Embrace Sensitive uses a 5-blade razor technology, and the blades are angled to give you a close shave. Also, of course, no shaving cream is needed. I just used my regular shower gel and I was good to go. However, to be honest, while the shaving experience felt good, and I did not fear getting cut, I don't think the quality of the shave itself was particularly different from similar products. My legs felt just as good using the Schick Quattro.

The post-shave: Bumps after? Nope. It was a clean, close shave, and I had no irritation from it. It was truly made for sensitive skin :)

The additional features: The product comes with a shower pod, which is my favorite thing. You can just stick it in your shower, and it is so handy to grab the razor each time you need it. Great idea!

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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