Monday, July 9, 2012

What are Your Must-Have Travel Fitness Items?

Whether you work out in hotel gyms or you try outdoorsy exercises in new cities, it is important to plan your exercise routine before you travel, and be prepared for the unexpected. I remember waking up in a hotel once and going down to the fitness center, only to find out that there had been an issue with water the night before. Because of the carpet and possible mold I guess, no one was allowed in there for the rest of the day. I was pretty glad I had an alternate plan.

Here are my top must-have travel items:
  • Sneakers/Trainers: Of course this is the most important of the bunch. I know some workouts don't require sneakers (like yoga), but most do. So even if I plan to do yoga, I still take my sneakers.
  • Exercise Video: Even if I am in a spot with a gym, anything could go wrong. Sometimes, I take a couple: one for cardio and one for strength training. 
  • MP3 Player: Runners need music, and so my iPod and arm band are absolute necessities in my life. They go with me on every trip.
  • Sports Wear: Do not ever ever underestimate the power of your workout clothes. I learned the hard way when I went on a half marathon trip and forgot my sports bra. I couldn't buy another one because the race started at 6am. Needless to say, the bruises on my chest helped me realize that a regular bra is NEVER to be worn to exercise.
  • Nike+iPod Sensor: You all know about my love for the Nike+iPod app and sensor. If you are a runner, this is a great tool to help measure your distance, your time, and calories burned. It's such a small device that I take it with me on every trip.

  • Jump rope: When I have room, I take my jump rope as well because it is an easy and fun way to burn some calories. However, I do have a jump rope that has 3 pound weights on the ends of it, so I only carry it when I can afford the extra pounds.
  • Yoga mat: When I go on longer trips, I like to take my mat to stretch, do floor exercises, and maybe do some yoga. However, this takes up some room in a suitcase (and you need a big suitcase), so it all depends on how much room I have.

What are your travel exercise must-haves?

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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  1. Love the resistance bands and the sculpting bands-lightweight and so effective when travelling!


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