Monday, June 10, 2019

Yoga is too expensive? How to get it for cheap!

Contrary to popular belief, yoga is hard. But it does work on muscle strength (especially your core) building both strength and flexibility. Most people I know that do not do yoga tend to raise the excuse of not knowing where to start, and the excuse that yoga is too expensive. When I first started, I had the privilege of getting a few classes for free as I was in school at the time and the campus provided students with free classes. However, after two sessions, I was quickly intimated by complex poses people were doing, and I retreated thinking I would never get there.

Well, I retreated but not really. I decided to use a gift card someone had given me to Barnes & Noble to buy a Power Yoga DVD. It was three sessions of 20 minutes each, and was for beginners. I could do this in the comfort of my own home! This DVD was just about $10, and I used it for over a year as I also learned the basic poses enough to create my own flow.

When YouTube became popular and people started putting videos up there, it opened my eyes further to free yoga classes I could do in the comfort of my home. I do now pay for yoga classes as well when I can go, but most of my sessions are by myself with YouTube or 

Let me talk about for a minute. These guys have various categories of yoga videos based on experience level, type of yoga, body part you want to work on, etc. And it is free. It makes it so easy to carry yoga with you wherever you go. If you use this site, consider donating to them though so they can stay afloat.

Now, of course, if you are doing yoga at home, that also means you need some basic tools. So it isn't free free. You can get a yoga mat, sports bra, and some shorts off of Amazon for under $50 and be good to go. If you want to get all fancy, you can add in yoga gloves and some blocks.

For those who have been wanting to try yoga, but have been coming up with excuses, hopefully this gives you some ideas of how you can cut down the cost and also try it at home if you don't want to be intimidated.

Have other cost-cutting yoga ideas? Let me know!

Cheers Eights & Weights!


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