Thursday, July 28, 2016

Working out at home? Here are a few sites to try...

When you think of a fit person, a lot of the time you procure that image of the gym goer with perfect shorts grunting to every exercise on every machine. But in reality, fitness can be anywhere especially in the age of the internet. If you have kids, live far from a gym, or don't have enough time/money to go to the gym and back consistently, working out at home is a great, less-intimidating option.

Now, the next question  is: do you struggle with trying to figure out what to do when you are on your own at home? The internet can be overwhelming, but I have found a few YouTube channels and websites that help me get a good home workout (and they are free!):

Millionaire Hoy: My YouTube fitness subscriptions change consistently, but he is my current favorite. I like the idea of challenges every month, the idea of working out along with him rather than having a predetermined group of people doing intense exercises and Most of his videos are about 30 or 40 minutes and are quite high intensity. But you will feel like you got a great workout after. Sweat pouring everywhere!

Christine Salus: Christine also works out alone and it makes it feel like she is working out with you. She travels and does them in different locations so you feel like it is reality and you can also do them wherever you are. She has to stop on occasion as well to breathe and so you feel like she is human! The great thing about her channel is that she also has short videos on nutrition and talks about her diet choices. She is vegan and so it is not necessarily a lifestyle you may subscribe to, but it's nice to learn. Her videos are also high intensity workouts.

Do Yoga With Me: This has been my go-to yoga website for a while. The videos are free and are taught by amazing yoga instructors. There are varying levels of practice and varying video lengths so whether you are just starting or are advanced in your practice, there is a place for you. Some of these videos will leave you sweating profusely so I implore you to try them out.

I will also be loading some videos on my YouTube channel soon to help you kick-start that fitness lifestyle so stay tuned!

Do you have suggestions for great fitness channels or websites to try out? Share them below.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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