Monday, September 19, 2016

Want to Measure More than Just your Weight? Try out the BeestBlu Smart Scale

You know scales and I are not good friends. Mostly because it does not tell you the whole story. Of course, if you factor in your age, sex, height, and muscle mass, the number on the scale could mean less or more. Because of this, I tend to stay away from scales and focus on body fat percentage and BMI.

But why? Why do I care about these things? Well, your body fat and your BMI are a much better indication of whether you are healthy or not, whether you will look more 'cut' or have some more flab, and whether you are eating right as well. 

Both men and women have trouble with this because women like to spend endless hours doing cardio (slim doesn't mean fit, ladies!) and men like to spend all their time lifting weights (muscles on top of fat doesn't erase the fat). A lot of women are skinny but not healthy, and a lot of men are big but not healthy either. A good balance between cardio and strength is necessary to maintain a good body fat percentage. And guess what? To build muscle, you eat food :)

As for the BMI, it really is used to group you so that your risk of certain diseases can be measured. Your height and weight are used together to estimate how fat is distributed around your body. Easy as that.

Okay, now that we know why they are important, how can you calculate them? BMI is easier once you know your weight and height. You can use easy formulas (see one here). For the body fat percentage, it gets a little more complicated as you have to get dunked in water, pinch your skin, or use a smart scale. I discovered that the third option is actually pretty good with a scale I just used.

I have used BeetsBlu products in the past and have enjoyed them, and this one I think both me and my friends will benefit from. Let me start by saying I received the BeetsBlu smart scale free to test. It is a pretty sleek-looking scale (goodbye bulky scales!).

Like most of us, I have a scale at home and expected that this will just be a prettier one, but it was more than that. When I realized it calculates BMI and body fat percentage for me, I was pretty excited. Like yay! Don't have to use formulas again. Don't have to go to my gym to get pinched again. Nice :)

Well, the scale actually works using Bluetooth beyond being digital. You do have to download the app (for free though) to make the most of it, but you simply enter some numbers and goals into the app on your phone, and continue to monitor your progress daily towards your goals. And you can do this for your BMI and body fat instead of just your weight.

Setting it all up was very easy, and then every time you step on the scale, it just updates it for you. After a few days, you can track your trends, see how much you are changing, and make new goals. Easy peasy!

This scale is sitting in the corner of my bedroom because I use it everyday so far. If you are looking for something better with more useful numbers than the usual scale, definitely try it.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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