Sunday, June 19, 2016

Trying to Work on Your Abs? Try out #AbsWednesdays!

One of the areas people struggle with the most is the midsection. Whether you are trying to lose the fat on it or trying to build some muscle, you can find yourself in the cycle of crunch-situp-crunch. And that, my friends, does not help you much.

If you've looked through a lot of posts on here, you will notice that I always say there is a formula to a good midsection - a healthy diet, cardio (yes, bloody cardio), and strength training. So crunches alone will not do the trick. In fact, many exercises known to work other parts of  the body force you to use your whole midsection and build muscles there.

Every Wednesday on Instagram, I post exercises to help you work on your abdominal muscles. Some are new innovative things I'm trying, and others are things I learned from experts. Check my page out (@eightsnweights) every Wednesday if you aren't already!

Here are 3 examples of my favorite abs exercises that do not involve doing the traditional crunches. Watch the videos carefully before attempting each one. And then of course try them out in your workouts today!

Straight leg abs twists

Spider planks

Russian twists

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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