Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Diet Tips

Last night, a friend asked me about my diet, and I remember saying something like I eat normally. I woke up thinking about this, and I realized that I lied terribly. And what's worse is that I hate people that do that when they talk about food. 

My diet is actually quite restrictive, and I wanted to be very honest. If you know me, you know I like to be open about my regimen as it could help others. So I thought I'd share some of my diet restrictions. I don't like to make a fuss when I'm eating with friends so I usually don't come off as the "dieting type", but 80% of my meals are quite calculated.
  1. My drinks are restricted to tea and water, with the very occasional glass of wine or natural juice. No use using up all my calories on drinks, right?
  2. Heavy starchy foods? Nope. (Yams, garri, and all sorts of 'swallows'). You can catch me on the corner ordering a sauce without the starch. I get my carbs through whole grains mostly.
  3. Unless I'm splurging (aka brunch), breakfast is mostly pretty limited: oatmeal, eggs and toast, or plain wheat cereals (like Weetabix).
  4. I don't eat mammals because it is just easier for me. I usually try to stick to chicken breast, turkey breast, or fish where possible. Where not possible, I skin the bird.
  5. A considerable amount of my meals are goat food (aka salads). I also cook a lot of my own food and pack lunches.
  6. I will always pick whole grain over white if it is available as it keeps me fuller longer.
  7. I struggle with nuts and nut butters, so I have to track my nut consumption. But besides that, I do not keep snacks at home.
  8. On the weekends, it is a little harder, but on weekdays, I eat at specific times and I plan most of my meals ahead to make sure I am eating at the best time to burn the most calories, and not consuming more than my body needs.
  9. If I struggle with a certain food, I usually don't buy it at home. E.g. Bread and peanut butter :(
  10. I am the first to say no to dessert.
  11. My dairy intake is very limited. 
  12. I do cheat once in a while, but not in the things I've completely cut out, like soda, milk, or red meat.
  13. Portion control is the absolute BIGGEST thing I observe.

So I don't starve myself by any means, but I make very very conscious life decisions that I know can last. I hope this helps you as you navigate your diet.

Cheers Eights & Weights!


  1. Nice. I have been struggling to build my abs but its been difficult, very difficult in every sense of the word. I hope this helps. I just wish i have a guide!

    1. Hi Kk,
      I actually have just posted something on crunches on BellaNaija this weekend. Check it out. But also search this site because I have plenty tips on abs. Just remember one thing: you cannot 'spot reduce' so you have to work on your whole body to get abs. Do cardio, strength training, and eat right.


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