Friday, November 29, 2013

Got Your Winter Running Gear?

The right attire could be the difference between performing well and sucking when you run, especially in the winter. Granted, you will be cold no matter what, but there are ways to stay warmer without hindering your motion.

I went shopping for some winter running gear from Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Amazon (because these are pretty much the places I get my running gear (including Zappos for shoes). So I wanted to walk you through what you might need to layer up this winter.

Thermals: Okay, not everyone agrees that you need thermals, but I love my thermal under garments when I run in the winter. All I get is a vest and leggings. With thermals, I just need something that does the job.

Non-absorbent Top: In the winter, I always go for a non-cotton top. It could be a long sleeved t-shirt or a jumper, but something that does not absorb water is necessary. When you start to sweat, you don't want your top absorbing it because the moisture keeps you even more cold. I chose this particular top because it also has long enough sleeves to cover up my fingers :)

Leggings: Because of how easy it is for air to seep through loose fitted clothing, I opt for leggings when I run in the winter. They hug your skin. Yes, this means with my thermals, I end up wearing two leggings! However, layering up your legs is not as important as layering up your upper body and feet in my opinion. As long as you have full coverage, you are good.

Gloves and Hat: If you have ever been outside in the cold, you know that some of the quickest parts to freeze are your fingers, ears, and head. I like to cover these parts with something not absorbent, so I chose to go with fleece. Try to buy long gloves as it protects some part of your arms as well.

Socks: Do not underestimate the power of socks. I go for comfort. You want something warm, but not too thick, and something that doesn't slip. Oasics have some great running socks options.

Jacket: If you live somewhere not too cold, you may not need a jacket. I live in New York and it can get really cold so I opt for jackets that are lightweight, comfortable, have long long sleeves, and are waterproof in case it starts to snow. Besides your shoes, this will probably be your biggest expense. 

I have left out things like a sports bra and shoes because those are not specific to winter for me, although some runners choose to buy particular running shoes.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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