Thursday, November 7, 2013

New to Yoga Series: Sun Salutations Part 2 - Flat Back and a Video of the First Half

What's the next step in the sun salutation? Although people do their versions differently, the next step is usually the flat back. You come into this pose from the forward fold. With your palms on the floor or on your legs, lift your upper body until you feel a stretch in your back and shoulders. Look forward and try to pull your head forward so your spine is stretch out parallel to the floor. Here are a few points to note:
  • Your back should not curve in. Try to keep it straight so you are not pulling from your neck.
  • Your palms should be wherever you can reach while keeping your back straight.
  • Looking forward usually helps to pull your spine forward.
  • Your shoulders should always be rolled back and down.
  • Don't try to force your palms to the ground. That's not really what's important with the pose.
  • Elongate your spine so you feel a really good stretch.
You can go from the flat back to the forward fold a few times to warm up your back. Every time you do a flat back, you should be able to align better in the forward fold.

The next step is the lunge, which I will talk about in the next post. However, I also wanted to show you a video of the first half of the sun salutation so you really see how each of the poses we have discussed so far flow into each other. See the video below.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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