Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tips and Advice for Fitness and Diets While Traveling

Guest post by Mike Manning (

In many ways, having a career that requires you to travel all over the world is a job that most people would consider their dream job. What many dreamers do not realize is how difficult it is to manage the stress – mental and physical – plus dietary issues extensive travel can create. Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay fit while on extended travel, from city to city and country to country.

Hotel Accommodations and Exercise
Ensure your booked accommodations have excellent exercise facilities. Exercise is very important while you travel, not only for your physical fitness, but also for your mind and your overall health. Doing a little research before booking a hotel can go a long way in getting you to stay on track.

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I did my due diligence before selecting a hotel by scouring the Internet in order to find the best hotel for my budget and personality. I did this by checking a reviews site and found a list of all the hotels in the San Francisco area that I could click on and see the price, amenities offered, and reviews from people who have stayed there.

This was invaluable for my trip because the hotel I ended up going with had great fitness classes to get my mornings started right. Also, I found that the San Francisco international airport had a Zen room located in one of the terminals, which is great because it shows the travel industry is interested in fitness.

Fitness Apps to Bring With You
You cannot remember everything, and sometimes you find yourself in a location where the facilities and tools available are not that great. For example, if you are in New York City where restaurants are required to post caloric information of their food and a gym is located on every corner, you may find life easier. If you are in a suburb off a small city in Russia, it might be very different.

However, if you’re traveling extensively, you probably have a smart phone. Fitness and diet apps can be the difference between sticking to your plan and not. These two apps are my favorites.
  • My Fitness Tool app will help you stick to a good healthy diet and track your travel fitness workouts. You can find the nutrition information of all kinds of foods, create a plan for yourself, and track your daily intake and exercises.
  • Evernote is a great app for your smart phone that can store special diet information, including recipes and any type of information you want to make sure you bring with you on the trip.

Following these tips and tidbits will make your travel more enjoyable and keep you healthy all the way back home.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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