Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Personal Trainer Spotlight: Esta Morenikeji

Eights and Weights: Tell us a little about yourself.
Esta: A few short years ago, I weighed in at 92kg (about 203lbs) and could no longer fit into size 18 clothing. I ended up wearing a size 20! However in December 2007, I read a book that changed everything. That was the beginning of a new lifestyle which helped me lose more than 23kg (about 51lbs) in 9 months, and made me passionate about helping others to get the same results I got for myself.

I love fitness, and I love to see people fit and healthy. I love the excitement I see when a person who previously couldn’t walk for 15 minutes runs their first 5k. I love the joy I see in people’s eyes when the scale begins to shift. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing people do what they never thought they could do. I believe that losing weight is easier when people know what to do, and how to do it. I give practical tips and tools every day people can use in real life.

Eights & Weights: What is your training philosophy?
Esta: I believe there shouldn't be any barriers when it comes to fitness. I believe people should be able to do their work out routines anywhere and anytime they want, with whatever exercise equipment they have available. I believe exercise programs should be safe, effective and fun.

Where can you hire Esta? She trains in Lagos, and her contact details are available on her website here. If you live in Lagos and are looking for a trainer, you've found one!

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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