Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My 100 Happy Days Challenge

There is nothing more awesome than living in the moment. I believe that the past should not drive our today, and the fear of tomorrow should not stop us from achieving greatness now. No, I don't always live like this (although I want to). So I decided to take it one step further to finding happiness in the moment by participating in a 100 Happy Days challenge.

How does it work? Sign up at www.100happydays.com. Then challenge yourself to find at least one thing a day that made you really happy, and post a photo of it. Easy!

Okay, it sounds easier than it is because sometimes, we go through entire days without many happy thoughts. So it is pretty challenging to find something every day that makes you happy, especially on tough days. But you'll probably find that looking for joy in the small things makes you realize that you have so much more in your life than you thought.

Above is a photo from my day 1. I got these new Brooks Pure Connect running shoes courtesy of my brother. He says they will help me with my marathon training :) How many people have brothers that support them on their fitness journeys? 

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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