Sunday, March 25, 2012

Managing Allergies this Season

Spring and Autumn are the two dreaded seasons for allergies. While most people are anticipating the warmth this Spring, others are tearing up, itching, sneezing, and sniffling away. If you are one of these, what can you do to keep the sniffles away?

Educate yourself: You may not know you have allergies because you developed it at a later age. However, about 20 percent of allergy sufferers did not grow up with allergies. So the fact that you never had allergies should not make you ignorant to the symptoms. Have your eyes started tearing up in the Spring? See a doctor. Seasonal allergies are usually caused by pollen, and people can develop pollen allergies at any age.

Limit outdoor activity: I mean, it’s simple, right? Pollen is outside, so as long as it is outside, limit your outdoor activity during the daytime when the pollen count is high. Additionally, limit the pollen that gets back into your home by dusting off your clothes and shoes before you walk in the door, and wash your pets regularly. I know it’s sad because you’ve just gotten over your winter hibernation mode, but short of wearing a mask, this is probably the best way to go. This includes your workouts too, so if you are an allergy sufferer who runs outside and gets miserable after, it may be time to get a treadmill or join a gym.

Talk to your doctor: Many people assume they have one type of allergy or the other and just treat themselves. Just like any other disease, it is best to consult a doctor to test you for allergies before you start to treat yourself. There are over-the-counter drugs you can take as well, but it is much more effective, and probably cheaper too, to just see a doctor before assuming anything, especially if you take other drugs. Do not mix medication without consulting a doctor.

Dress for the season: Synthetic fibers attract pollen, and so during the allergy months, try to wear more natural fibers like cotton. If you do wear synthetic fibers, reduce the contact between your clothes and your face.

I wish you an allergy-free Spring!

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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