Friday, May 8, 2020

Important Features of Fitness Apparel


With the increase in awareness of maintaining a healthy body and the benefits associated with it, many individuals are more inclined to visit the gym on a daily basis. At first, it is challenging, but once you get used to it, you will start seeing positive results. It will boost your mental health, and make you look great and feel motivated. The adage “A healthy body is a healthy mind” is true because exercise not only keeps your body fit but also promotes the development of a healthy mind. 

We all know however that one of the key aspects to staying motivated to work out is getting the right fitness gear. Comfortable but stylish clothes will increase your confidence and motivation. 

I do not know many people that exercise in regular outfits, but if you do, you could be limiting not only your motivation but your output as well. If you are new to the world of exercise, invest in some good workout gear to be able to give your best.

What are some of the key features you should look for in good workout gear? Here are some below. Remember to do your research and adjust to the type of exercise:

What type of fabric is best?

Many people believe that hand-woven fabrics are the best. But many trainers claim that the workout gear that is technology-engineered is best. Either way, the most important thing to highlight is that the clothes should be made with modern performance functions to boost your performance in the particular type of exercise you will be doing, and don’t cause any hindrances. For example, if you are a newbie runner running in a hot climate, you may want to stay away from cotton as it absorbs sweat and can get irritating on the skin after a few miles.

Should your clothes have compression?

What is compression? It is a feature that helps protect your muscles, prevent inflammation, and avert the production of lactic acid. So if you do intense workout routines like high intensity interval training, normal fitness wear may not be best for your purposes.  So if you are exercising at a very high intensity, you may need compression gear.

Should you invest in thermo-regulated gear?

It is important to keep weather conditions in mind as well when shopping for workout gear. If you exercise in very cold conditions, you may want to invest in thermo-regulated clothes. In the winter, this type of active wear will help to keep the body temperature stable and  protect the body from cold weather without hindering your movement. 

How important is comfort?

Your clothes need to be comfortable if you want to have an effective workout session as there is no use sub-optimizing your workout if you cannot move as effectively.  Get suggestions from your trainer or friends who are fitness enthusiasts about which brand provides the best, high-quality, and comfortable clothing and protects your body from potential bruises and soreness. Regardless of if you are male or female, comfort is a priority.

Researchers in the field of cognition have also written on how the right sportswear can increase your productivity level. Basically, what you wear has a great impact on your mental process and helps increase confidence.

As you choose gear though, also be mindful of clothes or shoes that give the perception of working more than you really are. e.g. outfits that make your body look more muscular or gear that is prohibited in certain sports (polyurethane in swimming). It is unsportsmanlike and gives you a false sense of achievement if you cheat. Choose apparel that will assist you in performing ethically.

Final Thoughts!

Using improper clothing is one of the causes of sports related injuries, and these injuries can affect your workout routine in the long run. If you exercise outside, it is suggested to put on clothes that will assist you in the types of weather conditions you work out in and also help protect your body from injury. Where do you start with the right gear? There are many fitness companies today but if you are looking for something in particular, reach out to me and I’m happy to help.

Cheers Eights & Weights!


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