Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Born Tough Gym Bag Review

I spend a lot of time exercising and traveling - this is no secret. And so on a daily basis, I am typically packing and unpacking something. You'd find that I just keep my gym bags and small travel suitcase open and close to me so I can throw stuff in them and be on the go as needed. But to be honest, it would be nice to have something that can play multiple roles - something I can do a quick weekend trip with, pack up for the gym, or take to the office for the day with the plan to go to the gym at the end of the day.

Someone had asked me for recommendations for gym bags recently and it actually did get me thinking about what I would like in a gym bag. So when this one from Born Tough came through, it was perfect timing! What are my thoughts on this bag? Please take this with the caveat that we are currently on lock down for COVID-19 so I haven't had the chance to take it to an actual gym yet.

First off, this bag is a duffel bag and you can buy it on the site here.

This bag seems like it holds a lot. There are pockets on all four sides and as you can see, the main compartment in deep enough to hold a couple of sneakers, a change of clothes, a laptop, a cosmetic bag, and even small gym tools like resistance bands. All this without being too big on the outside.

It is a black bag so I'm already happy with But I do enjoy how the logo isn't too much and it is a very simple style with "leather" trim. As I said, it is important to look like a gym bag, but also look like I can travel with it and this serves that purpose.

I cannot comment on the long-term quality (maybe I'll come back to this in a few months when we can go outside), but it does seem like a thick, good quality bag. I have had some gym bags rip fairly quickly but this looks like it can take a lot. 

It will probably replace my overnight bag :) It is small enough on the outside, but big enough on the inside to be both a gym and travel bag. It also smells good, which is important for traveling. I'm not yet sure about whether it airs out well, but I'll test that out when it takes some sweat!

Of course as you know I didn't buy this but the price is about $34.99 at the moment. This is similar to other average-priced bags on the market. For the price, you are getting great quality so no push back from me there.

Overall I am very happy with this bag and so if you are looking for a gym bag that can also work as a travel bag, my recommendation is that you go for this! Obviously, I was given this bag to review but I actually really like it. While you are at it, check out other products on their site here.

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