Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Looking for a New Heart Rate Monitor? Try BeetsBlu!

When it comes to HRMs, I've been a Polar girl. The watches are pretty cool, and most of them do more than just manage your heart rate. However, what is one thing that I think would make it better? Put the readings on my phone (I mean everything else is on our phones right now). So naturally, when BeetsBlu reached out to me to try out their HRM, I was intrigued by this fact more than anything else :)

So here's what happened. I received the HRM, and even got a free pagertag in the process (more on this later!). As you can see from the photo above, it looks like a standard HRM that you wear around your chest. For me, a lot of HRMs don't feel as comfortable, or get lose pretty quickly, but this felt great. You wet the sensors just like other HRMs and put it across your chest. Easy.

Now, though I'm a fan of the BeetsBlu HRM, not everything was easy peasy so I'll explain my pros and cons and let you decide.

  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • All the information is on your phone and you easily connect via Bluetooth
  • Comfortable material
  • Connects to iOs and Android devices

  • You have to download an app
  • I usually use my HRM for HIIT training as I already have so many running apps, but there was only one non-running/non-cycling app available: the BLE HRM app, and this app is not that good. It is great while you work out, but if you want to analyze, review and charts, or save any history when you're done, you have to pay for all of that.
So obviously, if you are using this to run, cycling, walk, etc. or just using it to monitor your stats while you are active, this is a fantastic device.  At $44.95, it is a great value for money. However, if you are using it for more, that could be tough. But then again, it is because of the apps, not the product itself. I'd ask BeetsBlu to try to partner with more HIIT apps like Nike Training Club for those who want to use this beyond running.

Now, about that pager tag, if you are a person that frequently loses your keys or your wallet, you have got to get this! It is a Bluetooth Smart device that connects to your phone so that you can ping it whenever you can't find it. This means if you attach it to your keys, they will get pinged too. Genius! I haven't lost my keys yet but can testify that the pinging is pretty loud.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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