Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stylish & Versatile Blogger Award

Ego Du Jour recently nominated me as a Stylish and Versatile blogger. First off, let me say thank you. My head has swollen and my face has grown very very red knowing that you love my writing. So here's how this goes. When someone names you a Stylish and Versatile blogger, you are to share 7 things about yourself and then name your own 15 Stylish and Versatile bloggers.

Seven things about me
  1. I love Jesus. Yes, I said it. Get used to it. I ain't hiding :)
  2. If I skip a work out, I feel guilty as hell. So I'd rather just take the pain to work out even if I don't feel like it. It's not worth the dealing with the feeling if I don't.
  3. I don't like ice cream. Yes, you can go ahead and pray for me now.
  4. You know that irritating feeling you get when someone scratches a blackboard? That's the feeling I get when someone murders the English language. Blame my parents.
  5. No matter how good makeup looks, if I can't take it off in under a minute, I'm not interested in wearing it. Yea, so I'm not the biggest fan of makeup. I loooove my natural skin.
  6. I love big hugs. In fact, I love when people touch me. And no, I don't mean that in a dirty way.
  7. I love flowers. Not much for the candy or chocolates, but I just love flowers. What can I say? It's the nurturer in me.

Stylish and Versatile Bloggers
Now, my 11 Stylish and Versatile bloggers (I know it was supposed to be 15, but I was in a hurry. Sorry!).
  1. Ego Du Jour! The blog I consistently follow :) 
  2. Verastic. She won't kill me with laughter. 
  3. Light Her Lamp. She inspires me constantly. I'm waiting for her book to be published. 
  4. Gistdotcom. It may take you a while to get the jokes if you are like me and don't speak pidgin fluently, but when you get them, they are hilarious! 
  5. I Bake Therefore I am. My girl that always makes me want food. Always. 
  6. Adura Odesanya. A Nigerian as passionate about staying healthy as I am? Sign me up! 
  7. Good Naija Girl. There are some people you bond with through their writing even though you've never met. She is one of them. 
  8. FollyKay. I probably don't say it enough, but you know I love you :) 
  9. Grown & Sexy. She's one of those people who is just optimistic about life. It's infectious. 
  10. Points off Turnovers. Okay, I know I don't really follow American sports, but I'm all about humor and I think he's hella funny. 
  11. Razz is the new cool. Can I be razz so I can be cool too?
  12. Becoming a Doctor: You meet some people later in life, and just realize that you went to the same places and did the same things. And so you just connect with what they write? She's one of those to me :)
Who are your stylish and versatile bloggers?


  1. Thanks for the tag :-D
    I need to get with you on the workouts, mayne! And ditto to the English language. My mom is an English professor, so that definitely rubbed off on me.

  2. Awwh. thanks a lot. Now I must get back to blogging. x


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