Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Key to Exercise is: "Start Doing Something"

Well, here we are! This one is difficult especially if you live in a city with limited access to gyms, or you work really late. It’s hard to exercise, but exercise is an important part of our overall health so we should find a way to fit it into our daily lives. Here are a few things we can do to push ourselves:

Get excited: First, get excited about it! Working out can be fun if you make it so. Get excited about possibly meeting your goals!
Sweat it out: Start some sort of physical activity. Whether it is walking more often, jogging on the beach, or playing with your dog, start something. Do something until you sweat. But again, don't overdo it the first time. For example, if you run 10 km (or 6.2 miles) during your first few workouts, you may strain yourself and kill your drive to continue.
Do your own chores: Yes, it’s hard if you have a maid, house-help, or if you have equipment that makes it easier to clean your home without actually bending over. But doing your housework gives you a good workout. If you have a backyard, do some gardening. Scrub your floors. Clean your windows.
Sit-ups alone equals nothing: If you’ve been doing 100 sit-ups every morning, and you have fat in your abdominal region, guess what? Your muscles may have been building under that fat, but to see those abs, you need to lose the fat on top. You cannot reduce fat in only one area of our body, so you need to do cardio exercises that help to lose weight all over. Some examples of cardio include running, walking, aerobics, and skipping.
Try new things: If there’s a class at your local gym, try it out. Buy a skipping rope and skip it out. Run or play volleyball on the beach. Buy some fitness DVDs and invite your fitness-minded friends over. Buy a bicycle. Whatever you do, have fun trying out something new that makes you exert energy. Remember to have fun with it!
Play a sport: If you know how to play a sport, fabulous! Sports are a great way to work out. Every corner in every city, there’s a football field, basketball court, or some playing field. Gather your friends together, and go play a sport. You will not only work out your body, but you’ll increase your coordination as well.
Dance your ass off: Whatever type of music or dancing you’re into, dancing is a great way to lose some weight, increase flexibility, and stay active. Plus, you’re having fun while you’re shedding pounds. So the next time you’re in the club, don’t sit at the bar; migrate to the dance floor.
Routine: Try to set aside a time period for working out. If it’s part of your routine, the chances are that it’ll become a part of your life. If you don’t set a time period for it, it’s easier to procrastinate.
Get a partner: If you surround yourself with people that want to stay active and healthy, you would be inspired to do so yourself.

If you have more tips on how you fit exercise into your daily life, please share it with our readers by leaving a comment. And don't forget, you can join the Eights and Weights facebook page by clicking here. There, you'll receive fitness tips, and have the chance to start a discussion on questions or ideas you may have. Next week, we will talk about understanding calories and how calorie counting really ties into weight maintenance.

My motto for the week: Your body is a temple; treat it that way.


  1. I recently started working out in the morning and its been so far so good. I noticed that it keeps me energized well throughout the day. Problem is as soon as I get home, I crash out. Why is this?

  2. Hi.
    Exercise does keep you energized, but your body also needs time to adjust to it. That's probably what you're feeling when you crash. After your body gets familiar with your workout program, it'll get easier to stay awake when you get home.
    Also, 'feel-good' hormones are released when you exercise, and so when that wears off, you may feel like you've crashed. Your body will adjust to this as well as it becomes more familiar.
    Let me know if you have any more questions!


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