Thursday, June 8, 2017

How to Prioritize Workouts when Work Life Gets Tough

Who doesn't get demotivated when life comes rushing at you hard? I know I do! This week, we have a great article from Vanessa Davis of on how to find time in your schedule when so many other things are taking priority and killing your motivation. Enjoy and stay motivated!

There are times when our work schedules can be overwhelming, but a job shouldn’t make us cast aside our health and physical activity completely, especially since exercise is one habit that helps us stay sane and relieves stress. Unfortunately, because training already isn’t most people's favorite things, it is very easy to scratch it off more often than we should. This article is a gentle reminder of ways to find time for your workouts even when work life gets rough. 

Let Your Schedule Dictate Your Tempo
Here’s the thing with workouts depending just on motivation: they don’t always work out. When you start each week or day drawing out a schedule, you are more likely to stick to it. If you are operating based on defined time slots in your day, you are more likely to stick to the exercise slot. Don’t be tempted to use your time for training do to something else though! Just as you are working towards work deadlines and daily meetings on your calendar, do the same for your workout.

But Don't Overdo It
If you’ve skipped a few workouts, trying to make up for list time by overcompensating is not the answer. If you push your body over its limit, you can be sure it will fight back and you'd find it hard to get back again after too much intensity. Moderation is always the right answer when we are thinking long-term. When you know you won’t be able to work out quite as often as you would like, focus focus even more on your diet (we know diets are just as important). Avoid late night junk food temptation and unhealthy snacking, and focus on eating healthy nutritious meals. If you are away from the gym for a while, that is okay, return slowly in a way that feels good to your body. 

Decide How You Want to Train
When you’ve got a lot on your plate, it may not be feasible to run for an hour or go to the gym. But there are other ways to move, lose calories and feel good. There are many options to training – team sports like soccer, volleyball or football, or solo sports like cycling, swimming, tennis or yoga. Do your best to honor your preferences, so that training becomes something you look forward to instead of something you dread. 

When You Rest, Rest
When we’re overworked and exhausted, our beds seem like a haven. However, rest could include spending some quality time with your family and friends, or doing something special for yourself like cooking a delicious meal, doing yoga, or reading a book. It is wise to do some mild exercise or stretching during rest days too to keep your metabolism going and your muscles developing. 

Finding balance between your work life and personal life is anything but easy, but we have to try the best we can. Life will always get in the way so it is important to be purposeful and not be carried away by the current wave.

Vanessa Davis is a former personal trainer, mother of two and blog writer at She’s originally from New York, and when she isn't writing she usually spends her free time playing with her children and her dogs. All images and content sourced and provided by Vanessa Davis. 


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