Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fun at the ALOHA Healthy Snack Break

A few weeks ago, I was invited to be one of the first to try some new and soon-to-launch healthy products by a company called ALOHA. ALOHA is a health and wellness company dedicated to creating great tasting, real food products from the simplest, purest, and cleanest ingredients. But I must admit that I knew nothing about them before I was contacted! The company was having a 'Healthy Snack Break' on June 24th, 2015 where some of us were invited to come in and check the snacks and other products out. Verdict? I'm glad I went :)

Walking into their office was not really like being in New York. It was very laid back with a kitchen and open space. One of the staff told me that they have chefs that try recipes in their kitchen. That's amazing to have in the office. Or maybe I would just get hungry all the

For the tasting session, they had the snacks set up beautifully for us to see all the various types of products from protein shakes to trail mixes. 

I started over at the protein shake section with these little cups of various flavors. I'm not a big protein shake girl but I tried the chocolate. It was tasty. It looked like there was a serious meeting going on behind the shakes and I wanted to be a part of it...haha.

Protein was their original product and they do have a couple of flavors. If you ever get a chance to try them out, do so.

Next up was the main table with their trail mixes, chocolate, and protein bars. Look how beautifully it is all laid out! 

I particularly loved how the nutrition information was listed. But even more, how a sample of ingredients was laid out in front of each so you could see how natural it really was.

For the trail mix, I think it is expected that that should be natural in a setting like this, but I thought I'd show you up, close, and personal what one of their snack bars looks like. You can see the nuts and other ingredients. And their chocolate is sweetened with coconut...yum!

To be honest, I did not try every product as I would have been overwhelmed, but trying the snack bar, chocolate, and protein shake, I can say they were delicious. If you do get a chance, check out their website. Their products are currently sold in limited stores like Westside Market, but you can buy the products online (I know I will be doing that). ALOHA is also looking to get into health food stores around the country (Hello 'Whole Foods'!) so look out for them in stores near you.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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