Saturday, August 11, 2012

Your Vaginal Health

Whether it is lady cactus, box, vajayjay,... whatever words you use to refer to your vagina, it is obvious that vaginal health is really important, especially because if something isn't right, no one wants to talk about it. It is very interesting how much care the vaginal area needs compared to its male counterpart. This whole post stemmed from a conversation I had with a girlfriend last night about the vagina and yogurt.  Yes, these are the interesting conversations that make up life...

Besides what you see on the outside, your food consumption also has a lot to do with your health down there. Yes, what you eat could be the difference between being uncomfortable or feeling fresh and healthy. 

Good vs. bad bacteria: There is good and bad bacteria, and your vagina needs the good bacteria to thrive. The problem is that the kind of good bacteria it requires can be found in a very limited number of foods. Also, some foods actually provide a lot of the bad bacteria that you really don't want. Of course, the food that provides this bad bacteria is the food we always want to eat: sugary foods. Worry not though. The food that contains the good bacteria is great too: yogurt! So lots of sugar-free yogurt and less sugary foods. Good?

Sweat buildup: We work out here, and that may mean we sweat everywhere. Even if you don't feel the sweat down there, there is still a lot of build up of sweat, dirt, and oils after you exercise. As you shower, make sure you pay attention to the little miss. Some vaginal infections stems from not keeping the vagina clean enough.

Underwear: I know Victoria's Secret likes to sell all sorts of satin underwear. And we have been made to believe we should wear anything but cotton down there. However, cotton is the most breathable fabric, especially as underwear. When you can, stick to cotton.

PH Balanced washes: There are all kinds of fancy washes in pretty bottles nowadays. But it turns out that contents of these washes might be too strong for you down there. And so the best washes as the unscented PH balanced ones. I like my baby washes because they are PH balanced and mild.

Visit your gyno: Do not be a grown woman who has never been to see a gynecologist. Your vagina needs love too; the kind only a specialist can provide. No matter how much you try to look down there, you really don't know what's going on.

Diet: Certain foods are great at protecting your vagina against infection. For example, soy products help with lubrication, and cranberry juice can help prevent urinary tract infections. Generally, a healthy balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables to keep your whole body healthy also helps your vaginal area.

Practice safe sex: I don't think anyone needs to spell this out for you. If you are sexually active, please please please be safe. The only way to protect yourself against STDs is to use condoms.

Cheers Eights & Weights!

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  1. great tips! thanks for this post, very sensitive topic to discuss but you did it justice!

  2. Nicely written and str8 to the point! ;)

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