Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Backslide-Free Year

Yes, you made your resolutions, checked them like a million times, cancelled them out, and made new ones. We all know how resolutions usually turn out. It is evident from the number of people at the gym on January 2nd, and the number that are still there by February 1st. Resolutions tend to fizzle.

But that doesn’t mean that if you plan to be fit this year, you are destined for failure. There are a few decisions you can make to help you stick to your plan:

Try something new: So you were on the treadmill last January and that failed? Keep it interesting this time! Try something you haven’t done before. Is it spinning, swimming, or yoga? Give it a go.

Mix it up: Everyone gets bored of exercise when we do the same things. While you’re trying new things, try a large variety of new things. Mix up what you do on different days to keep yourself from getting bored. Maybe run on Monday, do Zumba on Wednesday, and go to a spinning class on Friday. But whatever you do, keep it interesting.

Create accountability: You’ve heard that when you work out with a partner, you work harder. That’s because we’re all competitive. But you can do more. Attend fitness classes regularly so the instructors and other attendees know you. It’ll make you less likely to miss a class when you know you’ll be asked questions later. Plus, fitness classes are always super competitive.

Track your progress: Keep a consistent log of what you do, and if you’re doing better week after week. You could use one of these websites to keep a detailed log.

Stop making excuses: So you failed last year? What did you do wrong? Find your mistakes and fix them, rather than use them as a clutch! You cannot move forward if you keep finding a reason not to succeed. If you want to get fit, you have to put in the work.

Find diet choices that work for you: Because Weight Watchers worked for your friend does not always mean it is the best option for you. Nobody knows your weaknesses better than yourself. Do your research before you choose a diet, and make sure it is something you can stick with.

Pamper yourself: If you can afford some spa time, try to get some in this year. Our bodies need pampering after all the hard work we put them through. However, try to make your pampering time a reward for all the workouts you've done. Push yourself harder so you can get pampered after. That's my policy ;)

Good luck Eights & Weights! We're here to support you every step of the way.

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  1. good article, i just registered for a zumba class for twice a week . will that be enough? I want to lose 40 pounds before September. Will taking birth control prevent me from shedding the fat ? I'm close to 185lbs I NEED TO ACT FAST.

  2. Hi,
    Note that you would have to make changes to both your exercise and nutrition. The zumba class is a great step, but maybe add one more day each week?


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