Sunday, July 11, 2010

Look Better Naked

Yes, you read right; that’s exactly what the title is. I was reading bits of this book ‘Look Better Naked’ by Michele Promaulayko, and I thought it would be fun to share some excerpts. To lay it all out there, I know a few men and women who after a few years of marriage, still feel self-conscious naked around their spouse. One lady actually confessed to me that she sucks her stomach in at all times while she’s naked with her husband. And this includes during sex. If I’ve learned anything about the human mind, it’s that loving your body truly is a process.

So why are we so self conscious? Well, according to the book, it’s because we feel we are not the best version of ourselves. We look around and see people who we believe are a version of what we can be, and we beat ourselves up because we think we’re not society’s definition of 'hot'. I do like how the book emphasized nakedness because when you’re confident at that level, when all your flaws are evident, you’ll definitely be more confident with clothes on.

Here are a few thoughts from the book that I thought were spot on:

To get more comfortable with your nakedness, do more stuff naked (apart from showering and sex). e.g.
•    Take a full on bath
•    Eat dinner naked
•    Sleep naked
•    Get a massage completely naked
•    Ladies, get fitted for lingerie
•    Take a nude photo – well, this one is kind of scandalous so be sure to keep the picture locked tight

Aside from exercise, you can make small changes to improve how you look. e.g.
•    Improve your posture
•    Reduce your salt and soda intake to minimize bloating

There’s a lot more in the book that I think everyone should take time out to read. But the essence of it is that how we look is really about how we feel. Below are a few of my own tips on how to look and feel better naked.

Groom: Whether it is your face or down there, a little grooming can go a long way to make you look and feel better au naturel.
Exercise: I don’t really have to stress this point too much. Generally, people who exercise regularly look and feel better about their bodies.
Timing: Don’t just eat a boat load of food and then look at your body in the mirror. Note when you feel the sexiest, and then you can check yourself out. Gentlemen, it may help if you do some push-ups before you look at yourself in the mirror. Pumped up arms and shoulders, and a pumped up back are sure to give you the boost you need ;)
Treat your skin right: Exfoliate. Put some cocoa butter on. Wash your face regularly. Get tuned into the beauty secrets that keep your skin looking great. It’s no secret that great skin makes you look and feel hotter.
Dance around your house in your underwear: Need I say more? Just make sure the curtains are shut.
Relax: Your body needs physical activity, but it also needs alone time. Regularly set aside time to relax and notice the difference in your skin and even your health.
Role models: Are you envying the wrong people? Celebrities spend hundreds of thousands on their bodies, and yet they still need make-up and airbrushing to look the way you see them in the media. Change your ‘body’ role model, and you’d probably realize that your body actually kicks ass.

Do you have a different technique that makes you look and feel better naked? Please share.



  1. Oh nice. This is wonderful. I am glad to say that I do all these tips except the "exfoliate" one. Need to do it more often

    I love the walking around or dancing around in your underwear one. Its wonderful. Its usually better when you have a full length mirror or several mirrors. And if you have a mirror in you bathroom, thats even better. You can stay in the bathroom (under the pretense that you are taking a bath; and you can also loose the underwear) and take as many sexy postures as you can (especially the ones you see the models do). You'll be amazed at how hot you look. Works for me!

    Thhanks for this Sue.

  2. I like this!

    You can start small like just a tshairt/ or minimal nightwear on and then build it from there... (also dress infront of the mirror from start to finish)

    It works for me as my house could become as busy as oxford street.. this certianly makes me feel good naked.

    Thanks Miss Brume

    I will certainly continue!!!

  3. Tis is really. Getting comfy with our own nakedness. Hey, I didn't know salt and soda cause bloating. And by bloating, you mean? :)

  4. I guess my comment deleted the part where I said, "I like this post."

  5. Thanks Jaycee :)
    Bloating is where you feel an abnormal swelling in your stomach area, usually because of gas.


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